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    this reminds me of 2010-2011 for some reason stop

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    she wears short skirts

    I am groot 

    she’s cheer captain and 

    I am groot

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    Sneak peek at Rainbow Rover Bear…waiting on his tiny shin guards and cleats to arrive….up for auction soon for Louis’ birthday charity drive! He’s one of a kind!

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    chill hazel grace its a metaphor

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    Harry crosses his arms while he sleeps alone because he’s used to hold someone

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  • Do you think L+H are married? 😍
  • Reblog if your parents have ever:


    - pointed out acne
    - treated you like a little slave (you get them EVERYTHING)
    - made fun of people who you idolize
    - made you feel like an outcast
    - ever called you a mistake or worthless
    - forced you to go to a place where you weren’t comfortable
    - made jokes about your weight
    - made you cry
    - made you break down
    - made you feel like you were all alone
    If so I’m going to send each and everyone of you a message!

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  • 9 year olds now worry about iphones and makeup when i was 9 i was worried about if miley was gonna pick jake or jessie on hannah montana

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    I’m crying.

    LMAOOOOOOOOO the screaming in the beginning

    "mr. owl"
    "oh jesus christ"
    "please don’t give me that look"
    "please don’t fly"

    DYING omg

    That owl is 30000000% done

    every time this video graces me with its presence i feel obliged to reblog it

    I would have loved to see his reaction if the owl had flown right back in the window.

    The owl is so menacing omg

    reblog forever because owls are both the best thing ever and beyond terrifying.

    Hahahahaha!! I want 50 of them.

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    i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

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    that pelvic thrust is so vicious

    go AWF

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    louis: I was looking for a headband but I couldn’t find one



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